Surprised? But its true! Here is the next giveaway to our readers to celebrate this Christmas with Windows 7.

We are holding this giveaway to kick off the Week 4 of Christmas Giveaways. The gift is the full version of Windows 7 Ultimate that we got in our Windows 7 Party Pack. Since we have already Windows 7, therefore this extra copy of Windows 7 is being offered to our readers. The package will be consist of 32-bit and 64-bit DVDs with Genuine Product Key.

Windows 7 Ultimate

You can grab this opportunity and get Windows 7 Ultimate at no cost, just do the following:

1. Subscriber to Newsletter: Just type your email address and complete the subscription request. (A verification mail will be delivered to Inbox, follow the mail to verify the subscription to complete the request)

2. Reply a valuable comment on the post: Use the same email address that is subscribed for daily newsletter, otherwise you won’t be eligible for these giveaways. We expect you’ll give your honest opinion about products (liking & disliking), because it would be helpful to improve future releases.

3. Follow us on and Re-tweet our tweets: If you don’t have a Twitter account, sign up at Follow us @WindowsValley on Twitter and checkout our Tweet and Re-tweet them (or copy and paste the message in full into a new tweet of your own)

All the Best! We will announce the lucky winner on Christmas at 8:00PM PST

Winner Announced

82 responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win free Windows 7 Ultimate DVD worth $319”

  1. snooker Avatar

    Hey there … If this is the same guy whom I posted about his site year years ago ? Then a big thank you for all that you had done in the computer field . Yes its I that posted your site there . Windows 7 would look great on my comp .

    Thanks and Happy Holidays to everyone .

  2. Khim Avatar


    I got something to add to my previous post. I being working to fix most computer problems for my friends and remove threats and do most tech. I have already shared this to all my friends.

    Some more stuff to add. The Good + Bottom Line
    – The security if Windows 7 is still not the top and you will still need a security software.
    – Of the best security you would need MSE – Microsoft Security Essentials
    – In Windows 7 Ultimate, you mostly have everything.
    – Addition to some problems, you will still have them.
    – The UAC function is super and you get quite alot of protection while you install software in Windows 7.
    – The install is quite fast on a Powerful computer.
    – The new icons are super and they are more HD than older Windows
    – The IU and Desktop are more better and less interuptions.
    – The start-menu is more cleaner and has a nice Aero Peek
    – The new aero peek is nice but it could have a bit more speed improvment.
    – While installing software in Windows, it would be very fast.
    – Windows Defender is more improved
    – Less Annoying and more stuff
    – Can be for beginners to Advance
    – The Clipboard function takes a while to paste while you copy heaps of writing or picture.
    – New Design on the software
    – The Paint in Windows 7 is more creative and has more functions
    – Using 3rd party software is more easier.
    – Speed Improvement
    – The Windows 7 comes in a types – Home Premium, Pofessional and Vista
    – An simple and cool taskbar
    – Windows Media Player has improved lots.
    – While using Windows 7 there are so many improvements.
    – While using Windows Update, it is still a bit slow but faster the XP + Vista
    – Liking the Action Centre – Less Messy and more better
    – Vista has slow downs and Windows 7 has not.
    – Nice touch function
    – Nice XP Mode on Windows 7 Ultimate + Professional
    – New Guide And Nice Viedos on Windows 7
    This is it on the good and bottom line is Windows 7.

    Here is the Bad
    -Homegroup does not have much security expect a login to your computer Access Code
    -While buring DVD and tranfering files – it is still slow like XP + Vista
    – Must improved Windows Task Manager – Still the same as Vista
    – Some Fuctions are still like Vista and no improvment.
    – Could improve the Windows Help Program
    – No games for kids while you do the Custom Install
    – Still slow while doing some jobs.
    – Windows Update is not much differen’t to vista
    – IE 8 still runs the same on Vista. Same Speed etc
    – Doesn’t have MUI in Windows 7 Professional
    – Sometimes get Activation error
    – Fixing Windows 7 is not easy.
    – Less Programs but it has use less hard drive space
    – Keeps the when you use the Custom Install
    – Some of the functions are still not stable enough.
    – Doesn’t block fake keys or Un Genuine.
    – Sometime it fails install
    – Upgrade Problems – Sometimes
    – Still almost the same to vista but has improved.

    This is how I end and Thank You

    Please pass this to Microsoft Team and Merry Christmas + Happy New Year


    Best Regards

    If you need the Twitter link again here –

    I would like to enter this draw and read my other post.

  3. SHASHANK Avatar

    Following you on twitter and have also retweeted this news to many of my friends.username-shashank_2427