Windows Phone 7’s next major update codenamed Mango is due in near September, 2011 and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that next Windows Phone 7 update will have 500 new features, while he was addressing a Developer meet in Tokyo last Monday.

“We have a release that will come to market later this year in Japan. Not only is it a new release that is now much more global, but we’ve added over 500 new features to Windows Phone,” said Ballmer.

My friend Anand (TheWindowsClub) has compiled a list of all changes, which are coming to Mango update. See What’s new in Mango update.

The Mango update will be available at no cost, just like January update was made available and likely to release near fall, 2011.

In addition, Microsoft is also planning to expand Windows Phone Marketplace in 16 countries right after Mango update.

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