Internet Explorer 10

Finally, the beauty of the web is about to come. Today Microsoft is releasing the most anticipated version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 9 comes with lots of changes than any previous release.

Following are key features of Internet Explorer 9, which wipes out its competitors all around.

  1. Seamless integration of Pinned Sites and Jumplists in Windows 7
  2. Private One Box, combines address bar and search bar in a single box, which allows controlling your privacy by blocking or unblocking key strokes is sent to default search engine. IE9 has minimal and site centric UI that gives more space to website than anything.
  3. Powered with a new JavaScript engine called Chakra, It has a unique web page rendering model in which the compiler generates a Native Machine Code in a background thread and deliver super-fast performance.
  4. Its “all-around fast” and provides superior performance by leveraging both CPU and GPU. Additionally support to new web standards like
    • HTML5,
    • CSS3 2D Transforms,
    • Enhanced DOM capabilities
  5. Internet Explorer 9 is the World’s first and only one browser, which leverages Full Hardware Acceleration to render web content.
  6. New security enabled Download Manager, a much desired utility by everyone. It scans files being malicious and alerts.
  7. Smart Screen Application Reputation, a security feature that warns you before you run or save a higher risk program that may be an attempt to infect your computer with socially engineered malware.
  8. Malvertising Protection, a feature in IE9 that protects consumers from malicious external advertisements.
  9. Tracking Protection, a new opt-in mechanism to identify and block many forms of undesired tracking while you are online.

Besides, there are loads of improvement and additions like newly improved Developer Tools, ActiveX Filtering, Integration of Geo Location API, Paste and Navigate, New Tab page, Notification Bar, Tab enhancements, Add-on Performance Advisor, Cross-site scripting filter,
Tab isolation & recovery and still counting…

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