Microsoft is not only preparing gen next Windows operating system and Office productivity suites, but also ready to deliver totally revamped user experience to MSDN.

MSDN new look -  VB Preview

It is not a just a new look but also enrich user experience. Now the content would be more organized and easy to find out the desired stuff.

Scott Hanselman says:

New MSDN – Why? 5 main goals…

  1. HELP ME – I’ve got a problem. What’s the answer, quickly and accurately.
  2. CONNECT ME TO PEOPLE – There’s other people like me, connect me to them, and to the product group.
  3. GET ME THE DOWNLOAD I NEED – Get out of my way, I just want a download. Bits, Scripts, Utils, Code, etc.
  4. CONNECT ME TO THE PRODUCT – What’s new with Product X? I’ve got feedback and I want to be heard.
  5. KEEP ME SMART – I’m looking to sharpen the saw.

PREVIEW: Check out the Live Preview of the new VB Dev Center.

For more details visit Scott Hanselman’s blog.

2 responses to “A new look is coming to MSDN website”

  1. Ganesh Avatar

    Yeah….looking cool….

  2. ArvindK Avatar

    hmmm looking nice and interesting and helpful with easy navigation.

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