Microsoft introduces seamless an optional capability to sing in to Windows 8 with Windows Live ID and it gives new wings to personalization on shared PCs. Usually people share their PC by creating multiple accounts and sometimes it goes awkward when users switch between accounts again and again. Finally they share a single account to avoid this situation and it’s definitely less personal and private experience.

Windows 8 comes with safe and secure capability to sign in with Windows Live ID (optionally) and traditionally local account; which helps you to bring your truly personal experience PC to PC easily.

Signing in with a Windows Live ID has benefits over traditional local account, such as:

  • Windows Live ID associates the most commonly used Windows settings with your user account and save them. When you sign in to your account on any Windows 8 PC, it brings your PC experience in few seconds just the way you are used to!
  • Windows Live ID easily reacquires Metro style apps along with app’s settings and last-used state on multiple Windows 8 PCs.
  • Save sign-in credentials for the different apps and websites you use and automatically sign in to apps and services that use Windows Live ID for authentication without having to enter credentials every time.

You may have noticed in developer preview of Windows 8(WDP) that you are allowed to sign in to Windows using Windows Live ID optionally if your PC is connected to the internet.

Additionally, you are not just bound to create a new account using your Windows Live ID; you can also change a local account to link it with a Windows Live ID at a later date. If you choose to associate your local account with an ID, you can control settings like Personalize, Themes, Ease of access, Language preferences, Apps, Web browser and other password and stuff in Control Panel to sync in every Windows 8 PC.

Watch this demo video, exploring benefits of signing in to Windows 8 with Windows Live ID.

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