A month ago, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on May 28, 2009 unveiled Bing Search and defined it as DECISION ENGINE. In all sense Bing is a replacement of Live Search and MSN Search. It previewed on June 1st 2009 and then went fully online on June 3rd 2009 across the world. It has lots of improvement over its Live Search and that’s the only reason, Bing gained some market share in its first 4 weeks.

Bing and decide

Bing features:

1. It provides best match and safe and useful results- The good thing is that, Bing gives better results than Live Search and sometimes better than Google too. If you are a family head then Bing is your friend. Bing offers moderated search results that is essentials for children.

2. Viewing images and videos so easy- The view of images and videos is well categorized than any search engine. Images can be filtered by size, aspect ratio, color, style and face etc and video can be filtered by duration, aspect ratio, resolution or source etc as well. Bing provides videos across the most popular video website like MSN, AOL, MTV, YouTube, MySpace etc.

To preview any videos, you don’t need to buffer complete media, just hover your mouse and that’s it.

3. Get your favorite celebrity rank and compare, which one is the most popular or not. Use xRank feature.

4. If you are going for shopping then bing it. It gives better results from online retailers like Lenovo, HP Home & Home Office Store, Buy.com etc.

5. Bing provides information about medical, symptoms, diagnosis and medical procedures from nine trusted medical resources like Mayo Clinic, the American Cancer Society and MedlinePlus.

6. Going abroad. Bing helps you to get travel information is at your fingertips Ex. Hotel Accommodations, Flight timings etc. So we can say bing is focused on Health, Local , Shopping and Travel.

7. One more thing, bing can be accessed on your mobile. Visit http://m.Bing.com

Is Bing a decision search engine?

In my opinion, it acts like a Knowledge Base System(KBS) or you can say, based on Artificial Intelligence(AI). Every time we query a keyword, it try to match the exact category of the keyword and then display relevant results.

Like query “Intel” then it matches Intel is company which manufactures processors, main boards and other computer peripherals. A company or organization can have its profile, products, services, support center etc. So the very first result is related to that particular company with its official website.

In the same way, if we query a disease name, then it shows all relevant information like classification, symptoms and signs, diagnosis and treatment. For instance if we query “Bill Gates”, it matches Bill Gates is a person that can have pictures, biography, quotes, weblog etc. So it delivers related search results.


Bing will go long and I assure you, Bing goes as its slogan “bing and decide” and its time to decide and bing. You should try it.


2 responses to “Bing and decide, Why should you bing it?”

  1. Jake Avatar

    First time I herd about Bing & decide…. and what I dont like that web page take place on my Email avery time I shift to back to my stuff
    why this Web page has to pup out all the time…. You must be the new ping system took place, and try to replace Google and all the good web page, So from now on… I decede what is good for me not Bing… I relay on Google all the time and I know Google it good and very good It got less crap in to it, Compare Msn and all the rest of it ….Google it simple to use thank in advance From Foxexpress

  2. Ganesh Avatar

    Sure……bing really gain a lost share from Google and Yahoo….after relaese of the Bing, i m prefering Bing among the other search engines.
    and also thank for the nice review on Bing.

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