Microsoft is celebrating the 1st anniversary of Bing search and has rolled new collection of Bing wallpapers packaged into Bing’s Best 3 theme pack for Windows 7.

Stephanie Horstmanshof, Managing Editor says-

Our latest Bing’s Best Windows 7 theme pack gives you even more great Bing homepage images for your desktop. Bing’s Best 3 lets you gaze at a dying star, soar over an underwater sinkhole, and get up close and personal with an adorable baby sea turtle. There are 19 wallpapers in all…

Bing's Best 3 Preview

If you missed the other Bing’s Best themes, you can also download them from the here. Bing’s Best 3 | Bing’s Best 2 | Bing’s Best 1

You can create your own theme packs and personalize Windows 7 as per your likings. How to create Windows 7 theme pack?

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