If you look for the online sources to download files, you will find millions of them but only a few of them are actually the best place to stop and download links. Most of the file sharing sites running over internet keep on adding the new links but forget to remove the old and dead links which make them a wrong choice.

In the crowd of such useless file sharing websites I would like to mention the name of an excellent website General-files.com. It is one stop for all kind of download links. General-files.com can undoubtedly be placed in the list of top ten music download websites. The reason behind enlisting it in the top ten list is the ease of downloading different files types over internet. This website not only allows the visitors to download free music but also to share and rate them.

Actually it is not that difficult to find the download files online. All you need to do is search with the proper keyword and you will get too many search results showing the website with download links. But if ever I need any download link I straight away go to General-files.com and its other website General-downloader.com and the reason is the huge compilation of downloadable links here.

General Downloader, is a free and one of the best site for downloading all kind of files. It is also a great download engine which helps you to deal with various file hosting services and you can also called it as free rapidshare downloader or free sendspace downloader.

General Downloader has enormous possibilities right from uploading, downloading, rating, sharing, Mega upload and much more. I get what I want here. Instead I can also choose from the list of most downloaded links or most commented or most liked downloaded links. One best thing which I like the most about this website is its forum. I can interact with the users in this forum and also can get to know about the best links there to download.

Not just finding but downloading is also very easy at General Downloader. You can download the files one by one or you can also queue them up to download them all together.

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