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The most anticipated day of lovers, when lovers express their love and affection. The Valentine’s Day is ahead and again Microsoft has released a Valentine’s Day special Roses theme for Windows 7.

Roses theme
Valentine's Day Special Theme – Roses

“Known as “the queen of flowers,” roses have been valued for thousands of years for their beauty and fragrance. Their connection to romance also spans the generations, popping up in songs, poems, and in lovers’ bouquets since at least the Middle Ages. Savor the extraordinary beauty of roses in this free Windows 7 theme,” describes the Microsoft.

The theme is small and weighing 8.85 MB only. It has 10 beautiful roses wallpaper and uses Garden sound scheme. Download it in time for Valentine’s Day.


Roses theme for Windows 7


In addition to Valentine’s Day, there are few more special theme packs released earlier like Chocolates, Lovebirds and Lacy Hearts. And all can be downloaded from link given below:


Valentine’s Day theme packs by Microsoft


If you don’t have Windows 7, or prefer to use a these wallpapers, use any archiver or simply walk through these steps in order to extract it.

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    wish u a advanced Happy Valentine’s Day and thanks for sharing nice theme

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