Sometimes you want to install Windows from a bootable DVD but all you’ve got are just flat Windows installation files in hand. The same thing has happened with me also, in my case I downloaded Windows 8 RTM build which was leaked earlier this month. There was no direct bootable ISO image, all I got are flat installation files in the downloaded package. So, it was required to create a bootable ISO of Windows 8 from the set of files, prior to begin installation.

In order to do that, I have used the Assessment and Deployment Kit for Windows 8 (formally known as WAIK). And in this blog post, you will walk through the step by step instructions to create a bootable ISO of Windows 8.


  • oscdimg.exe– A command line CD-ROM and DVD-ROM pre-mastering utility to create bootable ISOs of Microsoft Windows. And you will get it once you’ll install ADK for Windows 8. You can download it from here, for instance:
  • Windows 8 Setup files

How To:

  1. First of all, you’ll need all the Windows 8 installation files at one place. For example, I copied all of them within a folder (C:\WIN8AIO).
  2. Run Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment (Command Prompt) as Administrator and then type the following:
  3. oscdimg.exe –l<Disc_Label> -m -u2 –b<path_of_bootable_img_file> <path_of_installation_source> <path_with_filename_is_to_be_created>

    • -l is used to set volume label of DVD
    • -m is used to create bigger image file than 700MB
    • -u2 is used to create UDF file system for DVD
    • -b is used to locate boot image of DVD

    For example:
    oscdimg.exe -lWIN8AIO -m -u2 -bC:\WIN8AIO\boot\ C:\WIN8AIO C:\WIN8AIO.ISO

    oscdimg windows adk
    Creating bootable ISO DVD using Oscdimg.exe
  4. It will scan the source tree, begin creating the image, and when it will be done, you’ll have a bootable ISO file for Windows 8 ready.
  5. Now just burn your new ISO image on a DVD media using any third party software like NERO, ROXIO, ImageBurn, etc.

9 responses to “How to create bootable Windows 8 ISO DVD using Oscdimg.exe”

  1. Nate Cook Avatar
    Nate Cook

    I downloaded ADK and ran the line in command prompt to get “oscdimg.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.” when I installed every feature of Windows ADK that you posted

    1. Nate Cook Avatar
      Nate Cook

      I think I got it. I moved the oscdimg.exe file from:

      C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits8.0Assessment and Deployment KitDeployment Toolsamd64Oscdimg.

      There was also another oscdimg in “…Deployment Toolsx86Oscdimg” but I chose the one from amd64.

      After that I placed it in C: and then added a C: before the command you gave us and it seems to be working. I just hope my Windows 8 won’t be corrupt in any way..

  2. DarkKV Avatar

    I’m trying to burn this on a DVD though, but most DVDs are only 4.7 GB. I did all the instructions above and i end up with a 5.6 GB ISO, is there any way to compress it somehow? i Do not have a USB to use with the other method,

    1. Michael Lyrek Avatar
      Michael Lyrek

      Uhhhhh the ISO is only 3.33GB, I don’t think you have Win8

  3. shamu726 Avatar

    is it possible to use oscdimg.exe without installing the whole ADK? Download size is too big.

    edit: oops, figured it out. np.

    thanx for the gr8 tut, by the way, :)

  4. ramon2000 Avatar

    Be aware: Using above method, or using the “Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool” only works for BIOS boot mode, not for UEFI mode. To have a UEFI-bootable DVD you need to add the UEFI bootimage too (see To have a UEFI-bootable USB thumb drive you need to format the thumb drive with FAT32 before copying the ISO content to the thumb drive.

  5. BullDawg Avatar

    Instead of of burning to a DVD can one use the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool extract the files to a USB thumb drive?

    1. Ramesh Kumar Avatar
      Ramesh Kumar

      Absolutely! You can create a bootable USB stick. And by the way instead of making an ISO (Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool needs ISO file) in prior to make bootable USB stick; just walk through this article

  6. Mahmoud Avatar

    nice work…thx

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