Few days ago, we blogged step by step guide to install Virtual Windows XP on Windows 7, that requires hardware assisted virtualization.

Since we have got few queries, “How do I check my processor support hardware virtualization or can we install virtual Windows XP on Windows 7? So here is simple way to check it out and get rid of such queries.

Download the software tool called Securable from here. and run this program. This tool does not require any installation so it can be run directly.


It checks basically three features of processors, that covers few aspects:

  1. Is it 64-bit processor?
  2. Does the processor support Data Execution Prevention(DEP)?
  3. Does the processor support Hardware Virtualization? that can be Intel-VT / AMD-V for Intel and AMD processors respectively.

2 responses to “Does my processor support Hardware Virtualization/Windows XP mode? Check it out.”

  1. reeve24 Avatar

    I got: |64bit|YES|NO|
    is it mean that VT was disable? hmm..What does it really mean? Am i still able to get YES my Hardware virtualization?

    1. Author Avatar

      It means that either VT is disabled or not supported by your processor. Check BIOS settings, by default HAV is disabled in most of cases.
      try Microsoft official utility to check, which will give more appropriate results. FYI Hardware Virtualization is no longer mandatory for Windows XP Mode (Windows Virtual PC)

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