You like green? me too. Another Microsoft official themepack for Windows 7 has been made available today. “7 UP” is the new addition to Microsoft Personalization Gallery.

Microsoft China has released 7 UP Windows Desktop theme, consists of awesome greenish wide-screen wallpapers with in-built Quirky sound scheme. Guess… what the total no. of wallpapers is also 7.

Microsoft is permitting companies around the world to leverage the Windows 7 desktop for brand advertising. A variety of customers are already working with Microsoft, including Ferrari, Ducati and Infinity.

7 UP Windows 7 Desktop Theme

Source: Softpedia

3 responses to “Download: 7 UP Windows 7 Desktop Theme”

  1. vasudev Avatar

    I dont know about MS China but Microsoft India has also released 7Up themepack
    7Up Windows 7 themepack – Very Seveny, Very Lemony

  2. bousaid Avatar

    nice theme … thanks

  3. Hari Maurya Avatar
    Hari Maurya

    i think…it is an advertisement or based on 7 up cold drink :)

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