Microsoft Security Essentials is a much better choice among freeware AV packages. You would have noticed, that it updates its virus definitions on first launch and it could be a bit problem on a PC, which is not connected to Internet. But you can download its offline updates appropriate for your version of Windows.

You can download the Microsoft Security Essentials from here. Microsoft Security Essentials v2.1

How To:

1. Download the latest virus and anti-malware definition update files.

2. The update files are executable files and can be installed easily without much interaction.

To verify the status MSE: Open Microsoft Security Essentials, click Update, and then see the virus and anti-malware definitions status.

28 responses to “How to download and install Microsoft Security Essentials offline updates”

  1. Sweet_Alice Avatar

    When I try to run mpam-fe.exe it says “not a valid win32 application”. Since it’s an exe, why would I need a separate WinRar program to open it? I notice a very large number of people have that same problem… but I never see a solution.

  2. Sir Chris Avatar
    Sir Chris

    why is it that the size of the definition update of MSE is getting bigger?

  3. disqus_IfmVoXF28Y Avatar

    I am using windows 7 ultimate.I downloaded and installed microsoft security essential succesfully.But it is not taking update.How to solve it?

  4. Ashish Tondak Avatar
    Ashish Tondak

    thanks it is commendable antivirus software by microsoft.

  5. Aronnie77 Avatar


  6. Kashaan Avatar

    I like it most because it is a power full anti virus. Thanks Microsoft

  7. American_nice_2006 Avatar

    thank u

  8. lvg21 Avatar

    I am having the same problems, I am using Windows 7 64bit, so I downloaded the 64bit MSE version. When I tried to run it, it said mseinstall.exe is not a valid win32 application. I then downloaded the MSE 32 bit just in case, and it tells me to download the 64bit version when I try to run it…


  9. aashu Avatar

    yaar..i downloaded it and when i ran it as an adminstrator i knew the file is corrupted seriously …

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