Bing Dyanmic

While accessing Microsoft Bing search engine, you have surely noticed the wide variety of stunning and beautiful images displayed in the Bing home page background. Now get all these awesome images as desktop background using the new Bing Dynamic Windows 7 theme that updates automatically through an RSS feed.

Bing Dynamic

Windows 7 supports RSS powered theme and its first time when Microsoft introduced first official dynamic theme. While all previous Windows 7 themes were invariable packages (Compressed Archives). The difference compared to earlier themes is that the Bing Dynamic theme gets its content from without any intervention from users and requires Internet Connection.

The theme grabs images to be displayed as Desktop Backgrounds via RSS feed and receives a new photo from Bing every week for three months.

Download Bing Dynamic Theme for Windows 7

6 responses to “Download Bing Dynamic Windows 7 Theme powered by Bing RSS”

  1. Roedy Green Avatar
    Roedy Green

    I have solved the Bing dyanamic background problem, but the solution was Draconian.

    I reinstalled Windows 7 from scratch, and then avoided ever going near Bing Dynamic background.

  2. silvio Avatar

    I got the same black backgroung problem. annoying

    1. Author Avatar

      FIX: Bing Dynamic is not working or Bing Dynamic not downloading wallpapers

  3. Roedy Green Avatar
    Roedy Green

    I tried the Bing dynamic bagkground. It stuck on the Japanese garden image. I could not get it to shift to the next image. I rebooted. Now I have a solid black background. I can’t change the theme or background at all. How can I get rid of this thing? I am using Windows 7 64 bit home premium.

  4. Rahul Avatar

    Really nice concept… Now its TIME to get ready for massive changes… in Windows lifestyle…

  5. Ganesh Avatar

    Nice theme……love the wallpapers most!
    The new concept of changing wallpapers from RSS….amazing.

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