Users of Windows 7 have a new theme available for download. According to Christian Kirchesch, from Microsoft Germany, the theme has been produced by Microsoft and Ferrari, but it has yet to be released officially.

The Ferrari Windows 7 desktop theme is indeed available for download, via Windows Live SkyDrive and courtesy of Kirchesch. Just download and double click to install.

Ferrari Theme for Windows 7

7 responses to “Download Exclusive Ferrari Windows 7 Desktop Theme”

  1. Ankush Kumar Avatar
    Ankush Kumar


  2. lol Avatar


  3. rover3500 Avatar

    U don’t need to log in,it downloads from skydrive.I did it.U only need to log in to place a comment.

  4. rover3500 Avatar

    I don’t see how u not wanting a live id makes this garbage???U obviously tried to get it to know u need to log in………idiot

  5. anyone Avatar

    I don’t have a Live ID and will never have a Live ID. M$ is sticking its’ nose into more than Big Brother. Keep your garbage.

  6. Ganesh Avatar

    Awesome….now it is my default skin.
    Thanks for the info.

  7. Sid Avatar

    Ramesh mast hai re…

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