Windows 7 has set new definition of ‘Personalization’. Windows 7 themepacks are  compressed archive or cabinet (.cab) files which may include desktop backgrounds, window color appearance, sounds scheme and screen saver all at once.

Today, we are pleased to release our first Windows 7 themepack called “I’m Windows 7 PC”. It is combination of 4 wallpapers, inbuilt sound scheme Festival. All four wallpapers have different Windows flag color with tag line ‘I’M Windows 7 PC’ and mark of ‘7’.

All wallpapers have been designed by Ganesh for So all credit goes to him.

To install, just download and run the .themepack file on your Windows 7 desktop.  The wallpapers are set to change every 30 minutes, but feel free to choose your own. We hope you like this new sensation of Windows 7.


“I’m Windows 7 PC” Themepack


23 responses to “Download “I’m Windows 7 PC” Windows 7 Desktop Theme”

  1. gaurav agarwal Avatar
    gaurav agarwal

    it’ good theme

  2. Afdal_bayu Avatar

    What windows 7 theme download site…….!!!!

  3. Phrozencrew2020 Avatar

    This site is great. Tips, softwares, themes, pictures, ideas everything is useful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lalith Jel Avatar
    Lalith Jel

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  6. oxy IT Avatar
    oxy IT

    can tell me how to use this theme in my computer??or how to instal this theme to my computer??..please send the answer to my email ..thx

  7. Nithin Mohan Avatar
    Nithin Mohan

    That was a great theme .. Really thanks buddy. waiting to see more cool themes from you..

  8. Kai Avatar

    Really cool, thanks!

  9. timheuer Avatar

    Cool. I’ll be creating WIn7 themes based on Smashing Magazine monthly wallpapers. Jan 2010 here:

  10. Sandeep Avatar

    Great it, really it so nice other then….

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