Windows 7 Personalization is being accepted by everyone now-a-days. Packaging favorite wallpapers, sound schemes, desktop icons and color appearance into an achieve (theme), is one of the best addition to Windows 7 personalization wizard. A new theme, called “NetGeo” is out there.

TheWindowsClub has packaged and released NetGeo theme for Windows 7, that holds free wallpapers offered by ‘The National Geographic magazine’. You can grab all Net Geo wallpapers from the official website, but instead of getting all wallpapers one by one; the theme is offering better way to access the content and easy to apply in few clicks on Windows 7.

NetGeo Theme for Windows 7
Click to Enlarge the Image.

The wallpapers are set to change every an Hour, but feel free to choose your own. One thing disappoints me, it doesn’t have any widescreen wallpaper. To install this, download the zip file and extract .theme file and double click to apply it.

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