Among popular Twitter desktop applications, We have found Seesmic one of the best desktop application to manage multiple twitter accounts.

At PDC09 in LA, Ray Ozzine, Chief Software Architect at Microsoft, announced Seecmic for Windows Preview, a feature-rich native desktop application to manage twitter accounts is available now. This preview version of Seesmic for Windows combines the best features from of ever-popular social application and provides it to you in a native Windows environment.

Seesmic for Windows
Seesmic for Windows


  • Manage and posts from multiple twitter accounts
  • View aggregated Home, Replies, Private and Sent columns.
  • Create and save searches
  • View and add to your Twitter lists
  • Create unlimited columns
  • Enable choice of multiple image and URL shortening services (for eg. Twitpic, etc)
  • Manage notification of your messages

Utilize the best of what Windows 7 has to offer:

  • Drag and drop to add user lists
  • Sleek and Smooth User Interface
  • Increased performance
  • Full panel Twitter user profile
  • Tabbed view of Accounts and Twitter lists


Seesmic for Windows


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  1. Ganesh Avatar

    its really awesome….i like its nice user interface….

  2. Vasu Avatar

    Featuring me :)

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