Recently Microsoft has updated their Personalization gallery, where you can find various new themes and wallpapers for Windows 7.

Microsoft collaborates with other organizations  and host their themes for Windows 7. A new Windows 7 desktop theme called “Twinkle Wish” has been arrived to gallery, that is the result of collaboration between Microsoft and Saks Fifth Avenue. The theme is based on Saks’ holiday children’s book, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Flake,” that contains 6 high quality wallpapers.

Twinkle Wish Themepack
Twinkle Wish Themepack for Windows 7

If you have already visited Personalization Gallery, I’m sure you have noticed that Microsoft is also featuring Windows 7 theme based on other brands like Ferrari, Porsche, Pepsi and Ducati since Windows 7 GA.


Twinkle Wish Themepack for Windows 7


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