So wait is over, Ultimate Windows Tweaker v2.0 is available. It is a freeware Tweak UI Utility for tweaking and optimizing Windows 7 & Windows Vista, all editions. You can simply download and use as a portable application. With judicious tweaking, it makes your system faster, more stable, and more secure with just a few mouse clicks.

It is a 345KB executable, that doesn’t require installation and can be carried out in USB removable device/pen drive. This time, it covers more than 150 tweaks and settings.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker v2.0
Ultimate Windows Tweaker v2.0 for Windows 7

Change log:

# Support Windows 7
# Display tweak and settings according to Windows version.
# Revamped UI similar to Windows 7/Vista UI controls
# IMPROVED: Optimize services, enable/disable services and start/stop as well instantly
# FIXED: Apply button is activated only and only, when changes are done.
# FIXED: Left pane overlapped far left controls with higher DPI setting
# FIXED: Ultimate Windows Tweaker is crashed every time on 64 bit Windows OS, when Apply button clicked
# FIXED: Hangs when external commands are executed like Reset IE, Launch System Properties etc.
# FIXED: Crashing on System Performance page, on Windows 7/Vista non-English editions.

– On System Information page
+ Version with build no (removed in Beta build)
+ System Rating
+ Computer description

– On Personalization page
+ Disable Aero shake
+ Disable Aero Snap
+ Enable Jump list and nos. of jump list items
+ Sorted Start menu with all Windows 7 items
+ Bing Search replaced Live Search in Custom Start Search
+ Use large icons on Taskbar
+ Disable Aero Peek preview
+ Group when Taskbar full is added

– User Accounts & UAC
+ Welcome screen text and buttons’ effects
+ Set custom background on Welcome screen (OEM Background)

– System Performance page
+ Track bars’ Tooltip shows actual value in milliseconds
+ Improved “Menu action”
+ Improved “Enable support for 4GB of RAM on 32bit Windows”
+ Disable Windows Security Center service

– Security Settings
+ Disable System Restore settings
+ Disable Change Color and Appearance
+ Disable to skip starting programs by pressing Shift key

– Internet Explorer
+ Reset IE to factory default button added
-Additional Tweaks
+ Disable Windows Startup sound
+ Disable page file (Virtual Memory)
+ Enable Large System cache
+ Delete page file during shutdown process

Don’t detach empty.ico file, otherwise a tweak entitled Remove arrows from shortcut icons won’t work.


Ultimate Windows Tweaker v2.0 for Windows 7


9 responses to “Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker v2.0 for Windows 7”

  1. ao Avatar

    Thanks for the tweaker )

    What about of it’s translations – is there a russian version ?

  2. Pro.Integrations Avatar

    Great tool.

    Setting the UI Parameter “Disable Window Previews (Thumbnails)” doesn’t affect the Application Taskbar Thumbnail State – in Windows 7 (PRO) RTM.

    We are running W7, Server 2008 R2, with Aero and Desktop Compisition, but cannot get the thumbnails to display. We’d really like to switch if off for RemoteApps only, but realise that it is probably a “All-or-nothing” parameter.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  3. John Avatar

    Hello, thanks for your great program. I still encountered the Crashing on System Performance page, on Windows 7 … I use Simplified Chinese version … Thanks!

    1. Author Avatar

      Thanks for your feedback. The problem has been identified and may be fixed soon.

  4. Naldo-Project Avatar

    See the link!


  5. SaNTy Avatar

    Hello, I wish I could translate the Spanish program, but the files I need to change the language

    my email is [email protected]

  6. Vijay Avatar

    Great to see a fellow MVP’s work being acknowledged so well !!
    I am a PC, I am an MVP !!!


  7. Naresh Sain Avatar
    Naresh Sain


  8. Ganesh Avatar

    Really awesome application…this time really much improved.
    still i have not notice any bug…..and it is working fine for me. Specially Ramesh you have done a superb job.

    Thanks for your amazing efforts.

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