Today, Microsoft has released to manufacturing Expression Studio 4. The suite enables designers and developers to collaborate and create dynamic applications using their existing skills and current toolset. Customers currently using Expression 3 can upgrade to Expression Studio 4 at no additional cost.

Expression Studio incliudes: Expression Blend 4, Design 4, Encoder 4 and Web are currently no known issues. If you encounter an issue, please report it by using Microsoft Connect. New features and functionality found within Expression Studio 4 enable the following:

  • Seamless flow between design and development. Expression Studio 4 Ultimate, which includes Blend and SketchFlow, allows the quick translation from ideas to rich, digital prototypes and simplifies the creation of applications for Silverlight and for mobile devices, such as Windows Phone 7.
  • Streamlined website creation. Its sophisticated toolset makes it easier than ever to build and deploy websites. Advanced visual diagnostics also speed browser compatibility testing.
  • Simplified video publishing. Encode a wide variety of video file formats, such as VC-1 and H.264, to make simple edits and enhance your media for distribution through players built with technologies such as Silverlight.

S. Soma Somasegar, Sr. VC of Developer Division says-
Great design and development both require passion, skill and exceptional tools. With Expression Studio 4, we’re delivering a single toolset that brings these two worlds together. The new features in Expression Studio 4 enable better customer engagement, greater flexibility and faster time-to-market.

Expression Studio 4 is available today for trial download at

Courtesy: Microsoft Press

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