Yesterday I have tried to install SQL Management Studio Express on Vista Business x64. But An error code 29506 encountered and installation failed and roll-back.

I have observed that most of apps based on MSI (.msi) encountered in Windows Vista, when UAC enabled. The main problem with MSI files is that you cannot right click it and “Run as Administrator” to bypass UAC validation. To solve this problem, Either you have to logged-in as Default Administrator account or disable UAC.


But don’t worry, There is another way to install SQL Management Studio Express on Windows Vista x64 flawlessly.

How To:

  1. Run CMD as Administrator and Approve the UAC prompt and type the full absolute path of the MSI file, Such as:
  2. C:\>E:\Downloads\SSMS_x64.msi

  3. Follow your screen instruction and be happy with Windows Computing.

Applies To:

  • Windows Vista x64 editions
  • Windows 7 x64 editions

66 responses to “FIX: Error Code 29506, While installing SQL Management Studio Express on Windows Vista x64”

  1. lbytesxk Avatar

    Thanks for the help, funny thing is I already installed this on this same computer without any problems but I i had to uninstall it at one point.

  2. Sudha Avatar

    Thank u so much it worked out:-) Wow…

  3. Randy Avatar

    Worked for me on Windows8… but I don’t understand why I had to run cmd as adminstrator.. I’m alread using an administrator accoutn… thanks anyway.. couldn’t have done this without you.

  4. Brent McDonald Avatar
    Brent McDonald

    to run command promt as administrator in Win 7, click on the window key, type CMD (dont press enter) press Ctrl+shift+enter and wala…..

  5. EquilibriuM KalOnline Team Avatar
    EquilibriuM KalOnline Team

    Thanks :) !

  6. Hassan Khan Raja Avatar
    Hassan Khan Raja

    man it works thnks

  7. ashish Avatar

    thats great, its work, thanks,

  8. Charley Avatar

    Worked for me on 2008R2 Server. Thank you!

  9. neha Avatar

    it didn’t worked for me….still got the same error….:(

    1. Ramesh Kumar Avatar
      Ramesh Kumar

      Did you run Command Prompt as Administrator?

  10. Jeer65 Avatar

    Awesome I was trying to run like administrator and didn’t work, just when I followed your instruction with the CMD works perfectlly

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