You literally update your device drivers, In Windows 7 and Vista the Windows Experience Index may get some changes and is needed to refreshed again. Here is a workaround or your can say Fix, when your system Windows Experience Index could not be refreshed or updated.

The Windows Experience Index is the key component, that scales system performance , measures the capability of your PC hardware. Today I updated my graphics drivers and my the WEI got stuck. We usually get such dialog boxes, when an error occurs during assessments.

WEI Error Message

I got the same too, it doesn’t states the problem clearly, so I decided to run the command-line utility to complete the assessment process one more time, that is called WinSat.exe. It requires to run elevated Command Prompt. I went for complete assessment and get verbose information about assessment processes and executed with the following agreement.

WinSat.exe /formal

The error was “Error in saving results to the datastore  winsat\main.cpp(4735)”. That means the assessment processes are done successfully, but there was a problem while saving the results. After doing some R&D, I figured out. It is caused by Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. It prevents to store the resultant information. If you are getting the same error message, it could be caused by your Antivirus or Security Solution’s protection policy.


The problem is still persists in current builds of KIS 2010 and may be resolved soon. To get rid of this problem. I uninstalled the KIS 2010 and updated the WEI, then I did a re-installation of KIS 2010 again.

The problem could be re-solved by disabling protection for a while, but it requires to disable KIS 2010 service as well; that could not be stopped due ACL(Access Control Lists) on Windows Registry. That allows to edit or modify registry to SYSTEM and TRUSTED INSTALLERS only.

Applies To:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

3 responses to “FIX: Error in saving results to the datastore winsat\main.cpp(4735) – The Windows Experience Index for your system could not be computed”

  1. Manoj Kumar Sharma Avatar
    Manoj Kumar Sharma


    I do not have Kaspersky installed. Instead have Microsoft Security Essentials. Am encountering the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and regards,


  2. Valmir A. W. Knasel Júnior Avatar
    Valmir A. W. Knasel Júnior

    Thanks for the information! It was very useful to me. I always used KIS 2010 in other Windows 7 versions and this problem never occurred before. Now I am using the Home Premium version x64 of Windows 7. Because I’m thinking this problem can be caused by the VGA driver too or it is only caused by KIS 2010?

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