Last week, Microsoft released Microsoft Expression Studio 4 , which is available to MSDN subscribers and a 60-Day Trial copy to public. We installed Expression Studio 4 and experienced that it is crashing exceptionally on start up. It is caused by an interaction between Expression Web 4 add-ins and various anti-virus programs, most notably the Kaspersky Security Suite. We have come to know a workaround to get rid-off this problem and want to share with you. To resolve this issue, follow these simple steps:

How To:
1. Run your Kaspersky Security Suite and click on Settings.

2. To configure web traffic settings, select Web Anti-Virus from left pane and then click on Settings button and a Web Anti-Virus dialog pop-ups.

3. Under Additional section, clear the checkbox Block dangerous scripts in Microsoft Internet Explorer and click OK button twice to commit changes.

4. Now re-launch Expression Web 4, it will work fine.

The issue has been reported to Microsoft and we may get some fixes soon.
Applies To:

  • Microsoft Expression Web 4
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Kaspersky PURE

10 responses to “FIX: Expression Web 4 is crashing on startup”

  1. Abhishek Singh Avatar
    Abhishek Singh

    it really works

    thanks a lot dear

  2. Saadulla Avatar

    it works very gooooooood
    thanks a lot :)

  3. anwar Avatar

    it works thanks a loooooooooooot my firend

  4. Matteo Avatar

    Now it works!
    Thanks a lot

  5. Ganesh Avatar

    yup….the problem was not in Expression Web….it was in the security center… Kaspersky…


  6. Paul Bartholomew Avatar
    Paul Bartholomew

    The issue wasn’t ours, it was Kaspersky’s, and they have fixed the problem in a recent update, Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Critical Fix 1. Kudos to that team for their prompt response and for working with us so willingly.

    Paul Bartholomew
    Microsoft Expression Web

  7. Andrew Tishkin Avatar
    Andrew Tishkin

    Thank you It works. Also, thanks to this information, I went to the topic:

    The decision to re-register JScript.dll from Paul Bartholomew I liked :)

  8. Dave Avatar

    This was the easiest and fastest solution EVER.

    Thank you very much.

  9. faha altoobi Avatar
    faha altoobi

    it works with me
    thx alot dear

  10. Greenbespoke Avatar

    A simpler solution is to pause Kaspersky before opening Expression Web, then restart Kaspersky after Expression opens. All should be copasetic – while we await word from Redmond on a more permanent fix. Disabling protection against malicious scripts seems quite risky.

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