Today, my friend was asking, He lost Windows 7 animated boot screen after Startup Repair. Then he got old Vista style boot screen w/ progress bar. It happens most of time, you have to restore BCD or add Windows 7 entry in boot menu, I did it manully deletion of Windows 7 boot entry and got the same problem. After an hour, a trick has been discovered. It happens due to missing locale entry in boot entry.


How To:

1. After startup repair or restoring BCD, boot in Windows 7

2. Run CMD as Administrator and execute the following command.

bcdedit /set {current} locale en-US

Here are some valid locales
eo-US – Esperanto (United States)
de-NL – German (Netherlands)
en-NL – English (Netherlands)
gd-GB – Scottich Gaelic (UK)

Your locale will differ according to your culture of Windows 7.

3. If you have rebuilt the BCD data store from scratch, so Windows 7 boot loader might be missing MUI for your locale, to get rid of this program. You’ll need to execute the following command under Elevated Command Prompt.

bcdboot <Path of Windows directory> <A valid locale>

For example:

bcdboot C:\Windows en-US

It’ll copy critical boot files including MUI of your locale to Boot directory located at system partition, to create a new system BCD store.

Applies To:

  • Windows 7 Beta
  • Windows 7 RC
  • Windows 7 RTM

— Updated 12/16/2009

7 responses to “FIX: Windows 7 animated boot screen is missing or switched to Windows Vista boot screen after Startup Repair”

  1. Ichbin EsNicht Avatar
    Ichbin EsNicht

    There is a mistake, the correct command must inlude the language switch, like this:
    bcdboot C:Windows /l en-US

  2. shah Avatar

    Ive tried to restore but it says acces is denied what to do next ? Tell me asap ???

    1. Ramesh Avatar

      Did you run Command Prompt as Administrator?

  3. chayan Avatar

    i m using windows7 ultimate from last 6 months and every thing was well running but few days before i have noticed that during startup the (windows7 boot screen animation) is not working’the annimation screen sudenly shows for 2-3 seconds and procceds for wellcome screen,i did’nt get any permanent sollution;what shoud i do that the boot screen animation works properly.
    if the problem is solved i will pay for it and also
    i will be thankful to you.have a nice day….

  4. Donzzy Avatar

    It says, “…cannot be opened… access is denied….” pls help! :(

  5. bousaid Avatar

    yes … good work

  6. John Lawrence Avatar
    John Lawrence

    You can also check System Configuration (start, run, msconfig) and go to the Boot Tab, make sure No GUI Boot is not checked (un-checked).

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