Wow..! March 2010 is going crazy. Few days ago, FoxLive8 News reviewed FixWin, a must have utility for Windows 7 and Windows Vista users, that repairs or fixes 50 common Windows annoyances & issues.

We are pleased to share the moment, PCWorld is featuring FixWin in March 2010 issue. Rick Broida covered a guide to make Hassle-Free PC. He said that FixWin is like magic wand to correct common Windows programs with one click on a button. FixWin is free utility, requires around 500KB of space and run without installation and repairs or fixes the most 50 different Windows glitches.

So thanks to all of you & PCWorld to appreciate our efforts and we would like to continue the same and you will see lots of good things happening soon.

Thanks to our friend Nitin for the news and magazine page.


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