Recently Fox8Live News reviewed our favorite problem solver assistant FixWin, which fixes 50 common annoyances & issues of Windows 7 and Windows Vista. says-
FixWin v1.1 is designed to quickly solve the most common problems in Windows Vista and Windows 7.  The tool covers about 50 different problems, and each fix is as easy as clicking a button. It automatically detects which version of Windows you’re running so it can display the appropriate fixes and tweaks. Each is accompanied by a clear explanation of what it does and/or what annoyance or enhancement it addresses.

The Welcome screen wisely encourages you to run the native System File Checker utility, in case any critical system files need to be repaired, and also strongly urges you to create a System Restore Point before making any changes. The fixes and tweaks are categorized by Windows Explorer, Internet & Connectivity, Windows Media, System Tools and Additional Fixes.

Nevertheless, FixWin is a great resource. If you’re an "old hand" at Windows, you’ll immediately recognize many of the tweaks, only instead of having to "hack the Registry" or find settings in the local computer policy, you simply press a button that says "Fix."

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4 responses to “FixWin Reviewed on Fox8Live News”

  1. kamal Avatar

    Gr8 job {rk}…

  2. Mad Geek @beingPC Avatar
    Mad Geek @beingPC

    Gr8 news….
    Best Of Luck for the all your app

  3. Nitin Avatar

    great accomplishment Ramesh! you had always done a great job. Best wishes for your future…..

    hope we’ll get new apps from you soon!! thanks again for creating this useful app.

  4. Rahul Avatar

    Gr8 news. It helped me a lot. May be we’ll see nxt version of FixWin with more fixes.

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