We are getting your continues feedback & support and resultant FixWin v1.2 is ready to download. In this release, we majorly worked on bugs and their solutions.

FixWin is a kind of problem solver assistant for Windows 7 and Windows Vista, covering 50 the most common problems and offers its solution with a single click of button.
Change Log:

  1. Hanging while you fix “Taskbar JumpList is missing or doesn’t store MRU file list”.
  2. Fixing Aero Snap issues doesn’t work.
  3. Reconfigure all events of Windows Explorer to apply settings immediately to avoid restart and logoff.
  4. Messagebox replaced with new Windows Vista/7 TaskDialog.
  5. Code Refactoring is done.
  6. Target .NET Framework changed 2.0 now. No need to have .Net Framework v3.5 and its SP1.
  7. Crashing on 64bit version of Windows.


We value your feedback and suggestions, If you want to report bug or need help or may be even suggest a fix to be included in the next release, visit FixWin Utility – Feedback & Suggestions.

Download: FixWin v1.2

3 responses to “FixWin v1.2 Released with bug fixes, Download Now”

  1. Marcelo Idiarte Avatar
    Marcelo Idiarte

    Where is the FixWin? The download button does not work.

  2. windows7guy Avatar

    That’s great, but where is the file??? :O

    1. Author Avatar

      click on download button to start downloading…

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