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Today Microsoft introduces an easy way to keep eyes on Hotmail Inbox updates i.e. Email Notifications. In which, pinned Hotmail site displays the number of unread messages in Taskbar since your last successful session. And it clears the counter as you read messages.

Group Program Manager, Hotmail Dick Craddock says-

We’ve been working on taking the next step and supporting notifications… we’re finishing the release of this feature today. This means when you’re signed into Hotmail and you’ve pinned it, we’ll show you a notification of how many new messages have arrived since you last checked your inbox.

It is very similar to the mail tile in Windows Phone 7, showing the count of unread messages and clears as you do something or read them.

Internet Explorer 9 introduces pinned sites that allows using sites just like native Windows applications. Besides Hotmail also gives quick access to certain bookmarks like Home, Inbox, Calendar, Contacts and Send email.

If you’re running Windows 7 and using Hotmail, install Internet Explorer 9 today and try pinned Hotmail.

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