Today Google unleashed new look of Google products officially. You may have noticed that Google products like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Docs now has new sign-in page. This is the first in a series of serious changes to make Google products simpler and more consistent.

Google has put 3 key principles to make experience more enjoyable and productive-

  1. Clutter Free Stuff: No more confusion while using Google products.
  2. Consistent Visual Experience: on Desktop, mobile phone and tablets.
  3. Simple, clean and powerful: Simple design with new technologies.

How to get new look of Google products?
At the bottom of your sign-in page, you might see the option to preview our new look. Once you click the link, the new sign-in page will become your default sign in page across all Google products that currently have the new design enabled.


Visit here – Google’s New Sign-in Page

In my honest opinion, the new look is really impressive and if you like to share your experience and thoughts about it, you can send your feed via Google official feedback form.

3 responses to “Google previews new look of Google products”

  1. sa Avatar

    Looks like they’re trying to copy the simplicity of Microsoft’s metro UI to me…

  2. Kundan Avatar

    Wow!!! thanks for sharing the link

  3. Ganesh NJ Avatar
    Ganesh NJ

    Thanks for sharing and providing the link

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