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To refresh Windows desktop, you need to right-click and click ‘Refresh’ or just press F5, but refreshing a website takes little more efforts. And yes, Windows Valley is getting refreshed.


I began as ‘It’s My Windows’ back in 2008, renamed to ‘Windows Valley’ in early 2009 to share my personal thoughts on Windows family of operating systems. And then I just quietly disappeared from Windows Valley.

So, what happened?

In short, I was distracted. Instead of listening to my inner self, I got busy with lots of things. After the last update to Windows Valley, I jumped onto news media bandwagon. I led a decent sized staff and focused on delivering tech news to the general public. There’s a nonstop flood of news every day, and it was an incredible chase to ‘know and cover’ everything.

And then I had other things to do. I got an opportunity to learn and manage servers – mostly web and mail servers – to keep the web alive for my team and partners. It can never be completed as the clientele keeps growing, though I had some steady paychecks.

In the meantime, Microsoft attempted to reshape personal computing from releasing Windows 10 as a Service aka WaaS to expanding the Surface family, and crazy ideas like HoloLens. Although, I was active on different social media platforms at that point, but I never inked anything here – it’s my bad – except a few drafts of Windows 10 reviews.

I know you must be thinking this abrupt story does not excuse the years-long absence, but it needs to be said why this happened.

Why again?

Every day, I have been experiencing a kind of fatigue while working on my computer. It nagged at me to get Windows Valley back up and start Windows Programming again.

Writing codes and discussing about Windows and other Microsoft technologies is my passion, and putting energy into something as awesome as solving problems is something I couldn’t resist myself anymore. I see now what I’ve been missing. Besides Microsoft is also set to unveil the next generation of Windows as ‘Windows 11’ at a June 24th event at 11AM ET / 8AM PT. Yeah! you read it right and it’s happening now. The upcoming OS is a big visual overhaul with cherry-picked features of the cancelled Windows 10X. So, everything is getting refreshed then why not us. It’s time!

In a nutshell, to complete the story, everybody does need a comeback.

What should you expect from the refreshed Windows Valley?

First thing first, Windows Valley has always been a one-man show yet. This approach has both pros and cons. In advantages, I can express my genuine and unique views, but it has a few problems like my messed-up schedule on the contrary. So, we will be expanding soon.

Now, we’ll be doing less news because we rarely blog anything first, however, we would love to do in-depth stories to tell you more about what it means than simply just what it is. And if you’re reading Windows Valley for news, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

So, you can mostly expect Windows 11 guides and tutorials filled with tricks, fixing Windows problems, reviews, editorials, and more.

Being a seeker of adventures, I’ve got a few more things in the pipeline and will give you a heads-up when we’re ready to unleash. In terms of a whole package, we will have it all to change the course.

I could have gone further writing this welcome post but the context is more important. So welcome back, and looking forward to your feedback.

Have a nice day!

2 responses to “Hello world, I’m back!”

  1. Samuel Avatar

    Glad you’re back :)

  2. arvgeek Avatar

    It’s great to see you back on what you love most. I hope this time you stay forever.

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