We have already blogged that how we can create a bootable DVD of Windows Vista and  Windows 7 using WAIK(Windows Automated Installation Kit) as Microsoft does. WAIK is specifically targeted to Windows Vista and Windows 7 and nobody likes to download such a big Toolkit to create just a bootable DVD.

Today we have come with a simple and straight how-to guide, which explains how we can create bootable DVD of Windows Vista/7 using Nero burning software.

(We are using Nero because it is one of the popular CD/DVD burning software and can be available easily. You can grab the Trial version of Nero official website.)


  • Windows Vista/Windows 7 Installation Source Files
  • Blank DVD and Nero.

How To:

  1. First of all, install Nero and prepare your Installation source files by copying them to particular folder or directory. Lets say- all files are copied to C:\DVD folder.
  2. Start Nero Burning ROM (Go to Start >> All Programs >> Nero >> Nero 9 and click on Nero Burning ROM). On New Compilation dialog box, Select DVD as compilation and then DVD-ROM (Boot).
  3. Step 1 - Nero New Compilation

  4. On Boot tab and locate boot image file using Browse button. (Windows Vista and Windows 7 installation source contain boot image file called etfsboot.com in Boot directory) See the above image.
  5. Windows Vista x64 Installation files doesn’t contain etfsboot.com, so you can use the same file from x86 version.
  6. Now under Advanced, check Enable expert settings (for advanced users only), set emulation type as No Emulation &  number of loaded sectors as 8 and leave rest of settings intact. (1 sector = 512Bytes, etfsboot.com requires 4.0KB to boot DVD)
  7. On ISO tab, select File name length as Max. of 31 chars (Level 2). Now move Label tab and set the label of disc, say “Windows 7 DVD”.
  8. Step 2 - Nero ISO tab

  9. On Burn tab, don’t forget to check Finalize the disc (No further writing possible!). Now almost everything is done, so click on New to add Windows 7 Installation Source files.
  10. Step 3 - Nero Burn tab

  11. Just select all files and folders from DVD and drag them under to Windows 7 DVD. That’s it, now click on Burn button on toolbar or choose Recorder menu >> Burn Compilation. Insert the blank DVD into drive and set appropriate burning speed. It is recommended to burn disc lower speed (2x or 2.4x) for better results.

Applies To:

  • Windows Vista (x86 & x64)
  • Windows 7 (x86 and x64)
  • Windows Server 2008 (x86 and x64)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2

94 responses to “How to Create Windows 7 Bootable DVD using Nero”

  1. Ankit Avatar

    How I can create Bootable image and save it in my Hard drive, so that can be used to write it on DVD later on?

  2. Nithin Sam Avatar
    Nithin Sam

    if it comes ‘ install.wim is larger than 2GB , then close the error message immediately and in that “DVD-(Boot)” compilation, on the top left side in nero click on new and then “DVD-UDF” and again add the windows source files to the “DVD-UDF” compilation. Then drag the files From “DVD-UDF” To “DVD-(Boot)” compilation.Thats it So simple…

    1. George Avatar

      You are a Genius. Its Working, before you I was disappointed…
      Thank You :)

  3. Marsha Mills Avatar
    Marsha Mills

    I downloaded the 64x .iso and it’s too large to burn to a 4.7g DVD-r. Now what do I do? *not happy*

  4. Mârv?lløus ?r??c? Avatar
    Mârv?lløus ?r??c?

    Owsum Man !!!!! Thanx 4 ur Help !!!!! It Works Properly
    Good Job Done by Windows 7 Bootable DVD using Nero
    !!!!!!! Marvellous Prince !!!!!! <3 :)

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