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Microsoft implemented new advanced security safeguards in new Windows Live Hotmail. Now you can enable HTTPs data encryption (SSL) to enhance the security of your entire Hotmail that helps to protect your account from hijackers while working on public computers or unsecure wireless connections.
How To:

  1. To enable HTTPs for Hotmail, go to and sign-in your Windows Live account.
  2. Now select Use HTTPS automatically and click on Save to commit changes.
    Enable HTTPS for Windows Live

Once HTTPs is enabled, all of your future connections to Hotmail will be delivered over SSL including Hotmail inbox, calendar and contacts.

If you only need a temporary HTTPS connection, enter “https” in front of the web address instead of “http”.

4 responses to “How to enable HTTPs (SSL) and secure your Hotmail sign-in”

  1. Scott Avatar

    I was having all kinds of freeze issues with Hotmail (IE9 & FF4 both)?-
    I finally uninstalled my Avira Antivir Pro Webguard, and hotmail was “normal” again.
    I might as well have had the free personal Avira though, with no webguard/mailguard (issues with WLM (POP3) freezing too if hotmail was open?!

    I reported this on the Avira forum, and they replied that webguard does Not scan https: connections- supposedly ok for wifi/Public, but I’m wired cable internet/100% home.
    I switched back to http: & reinstalled webguard, and all my issues went away (thank you for the ManageSSL link!)! :o)

    Other thoughts- I see that Google has an https: option, and that would mean that I’d be surfing/downloading… unprotected!- I surmise that Any anti-malware webguard would also be blind to https:? :o(

  2. Nikhil Avatar

    Windows live i have read the complete info. info says if use of email clients this will give error on clients

  3. Nikhil Avatar

    Nice post,

    i got a problem with this!
    i enabled HTTPS , now i am not able to receive mails on Hotmail inbox saying server could not retrieve mails.


    1. Admin Avatar

      Which email client are you using?

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