Microsoft Expression Web, is a WYSIWYG HTML editor and general web design program which is part of the Expression Studio suite. Expression Web lets to add Add-ins that adds custom commands & specialized features and extends the capabilities of Expression Web.

You can install an Expression Web add-in the same way you install other programs, but some time you may get your hands on add-ins(*.xadd) only. To install it, you can follow these simple steps.
How To:

  1. Run Expression Web, and go to Tools menu, click Add-ins…
  2. In the Manage Add-ins dialog box, click on Install button and choose locate your add-ins.
  3. It will prompt to enable it or make it available. If you click Yes, the newly installed add-in will be enabled when you restart Expression Web.
  • If you click on No, it will remain installed but disabled. You can enable or disable it later by selecting the check box next to the add-in.
  • Similary, you can select any installed add-in and click on Remove button to uninstall it completely.

Applies To:

  • Microsoft Expression Web

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