Microsoft is calling for feedback from all users on user experience and web platform enhancements. Just like Windows 7, A Feedback Tool with Problem Steps Recorder is integrated into IE9 RC to report bugs or send feedback direct to Microsoft Connect.

Microsoft would like to hear feedback on include:

  • Site Pinning and Site Mode features such as Jumplists and Preview Buttons
  • Add-on Management and performance
  • Implementation of standards such as HTML5, CSS3, and SVG
  • Implementation of hardware accelerated graphics and D2D rendering
  • General rendering and layout performance improvements
  • JavaScript engine performance and interoperability improvements
  • Updates to Developer Tools

If you have any issue, you can send your feedback and suggestion through this tool. Lets take a look…

How To:

  1. Click on Tools button (Just below the Control Box) or press ALT+X and click on Send feedback to launch the tool.
  2. IE9 Feedback Tool

  3. After initialization, just enter your Windows Live ID, that will associate you to Microsoft Connect.
  4. Once its done; Start reporting issues, you have.

Microsoft is also providing How to File a Good Bug Report instructions, before submitting new bugs. It may better assist you to file a bug properly.

If you didn’t try new IE9 Beta, grab desired version as per your Windows edition. [Download: IE9 RC]

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  1. Davegill Avatar

    soory but this is a nite mare Im a normal every day user and every time you want to do any thing a pop up appears translate make this site your is this good is this bad
    god I use the web less now because i get sick of all the crap dave gill

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