Recently Google introduced a new feature to Google search homepage that is very similar to Bing’s backgrounds feature, but additionally it lets you change it on your own. Currently the feature has been added to (US only).

You can choose an image from your Picasa Album, your computer or a Google public gallery.
How to:
1. Open in your web browser, if your browser redirects to its localized version like or then open

2. Sign in to your Google Account and Click Change background image in the bottom left corner of the Google homepage.

3. Now choose your image from Public Gallery, Editor’s picks (Google recommended images), Picasa album or you can upload your own image (JPG, GIF, or PNG files only).

4. Finally click on Select button and it may take a while to set the background to your Google homepage.

Set backgroun image to Google search

You can remove your background image by clicking Remove background image in the bottom left corner of the homepage.

4 responses to “How to Set a background image to your Google homepage”

  1. Nathan Avatar

    I like personally and I’m using it to help sell my photography. Thanks Google guys

  2. Kenneth Avatar

    The new background image is awful. Bad move Google

  3. UG Avatar

    Now its available in India(ie too

    1. Ganesh Avatar

      yeah….like the concept…..

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