Google introduced a new security mechanism 2-Step Verification using mobile phones that adds an extra layer of security to users’ Google accounts by requiring them to enter a verification code in addition to their username and password, when signing in to their account.

You can setup or turn on this new security feature by following these simple steps:


  • A mobile phone as primary phone, that is available to you. (Verification Code is sent to it while singing in)
  • Another mobile phone as backup, in case you lose access to your primary phone

How To:

  1. Sign in with your Google Account and go to 2-Step Verification page.
  2. It is a 3 steps process viz. Setup your primary phone, Add a backup phone and Confirmation. So first of all, Click on Set up 2-step verification button to start setup.
  3. Select your mobile phone type, type mobile number and click Send Code button. As soon as code is sent you will get a message on your mobile with verification code, type the code and verify your primary mobile.
  4. Now, you are asked to take print backup codes, in case you lose access to your primary phone. Therefore print these codes and select Yes, I have a copy of my backup verification codes. and click Next to add a backup phone.
  5. When its done! Just confirm and turn on 2-Step verification.

Now you have to enter a verification code in addition to your username and password every time. You can set expiration of code for 30 days for your computer when signing in to your account.

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