Microsoft adds built-in spell check and auto-correction to Internet Explorer 10 aka IE10. While most of modern web browsers come with built-in Spellchecking capability like Firefox and Chrome, IE10 has auto-correct in addition that distinguish it from all.


IE10 has the first browser-based implementation of auto-correct.

The feature ‘Spell check & auto-correct’ identifies misspelled words while typing and fixes commonly misspelled words automatically, and take corrective action on others viz. Add to dictionary and Ignore just like Microsoft Office Word.

Windows 8 comes with several capabilities to make text input experience and IE10’ spell check one of them, and available seamlessly across the entire operating system.

Since it is IE10 specific feature, it will be available to all supported Windows platform (including Windows 7)

You can try out this capability using the spellchecking test drive demo using Internet Explorer 10 in the Windows Developer Preview.

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