Internet Explorer 10

After a week, Microsoft will be releasing the public beta of its revolutionary Internet Explorer 9 that is scheduled for launch next week at the “Beauty of the Web” event in San Francisco.

Before you feel the next generation web experience, see a sneak peak video revealing new UI changes of IE9, is circulating in the wild. It looks much promising with vast speed improvement,

Microsoft also claims “IE9 uses your whole PC to unlock the next class of experiences for the web. It is one of the fastest browsers today and the new JavaScript engine codenamed Chakra translates into an even faster IE 9.“

The source video says:

Our website has got the IE9 Beta installer through a certain insider of Microsoft. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you the complete installer now. But, we will be happy to show you all the fancy functions of IE9 by playing the video clip made by us. Please tell us what you want to see through our website. Let’s share the best IE now.

IE9 Beta with new logo and UI

The IE9 beta release still 8 days away and if you are a developer and want to go on IE Platform Preview ride. You can download Internet Explorer 9 PP4 from here.

Courtesy: Softpedia

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