At the Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft announced Internet Explorer Platform Preview 6 and shared the exciting news that they have had more than 10 million downloads of the Internet Explorer 9 Beta making Internet Explorer 9 fastest adopted browser beta to date!

With the release of Internet Explorer Platform Preview 6 developers can see some of the work they’ve done post-Beta, including supporting more standards like CSS3’s 2D transforms and semantic tags. Microsoft has also updated the IE9 test Drive website by adding new tests for early adopters to try.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta is a fully-hardware accelerated browser, leveraging the power of the GPU in order to render content; while the Chrome 7.0 and Firefox 4.0 are only partially accelerated. Watch the video, that offers insight into the difference between Internet Explorer 9 and rival browsers.

Courtesy: Microsoft

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  1. Ganesh Avatar

    Its awesome…..more new features revealed… it..
    2D transformations are really great….!

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