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With the availability of IE9 RC, Microsoft pulled up its socks and started refining fully-featured IE9 RC towards to RTW (final release). Recently the company reported that IE9 RC have been downloaded over 11 million times since February 10th and together with IE9 Beta, IE9 has got 36 million downloads since its public availability on September 15th, 2010.

Additionally Net Applications reports IE9 is representing 0.66% of all worldwide browser usage share on Windows with 2.09% usage share on Windows 7, that clearly states IE9 is on prior choice than any other web browser including IE8 on Windows 7. No doubt IE9 delivers a fast, clean, trusted and interoperable online experience that takes full advantage of Windows 7, putting the focus on the sites and applications people care about.

Roger Capriotti, Director, Internet Explorer Product Marketing said-

“Net Applications also reported this month that Internet Explorer share increased by 0.86% across Windows. Across all operating systems, IE share also grew 0.78%. In some part, this is due to the geographic weighting change according to Net Applications. However, when adjusted using the older weighting, IE8 and 9 actually show even stronger growth on Windows: up 1.31% (versus 1.13% using the new February weighting) – or over three times Chrome’s 0.42% growth.”

Its good news for Microsoft and it will definitely put some salt to competitions for dominance in usage share in the web browser marketplace.

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