Shocked!!! But it is TRUE. A Russian website CNews [Google Translation] claims that the popular Kaspersky Antivirus source code has been leaked to web and available via torrents and file sharing sites that was stolen by a former employee of Kaspersky Lab who is sentenced to three years jail for intellectual property theft.

According to CNews, the complete source weighing 182MB in a RAR archive was uploaded to a free file hosting site by some unknown user. The archive contains a collection of files with code written in C++ tool in Visual C, and assembly files and has already been download 2071 times.

According to Kaspersky Lab, in November 2010, the same source code was published in several private forums. Kaspersky Lab confirms that the incident poses no threat to safety of users of products, solutions and services company, explaining that the stolen code refers to an outdated product line. According to the company, in its innovative products is “a very small part” of the published code, which does not apply to protective functions.

2 responses to “Kaspersky Antivirus source code leaked to web”

  1. zz Avatar

    this is not a bad thing,the world is flat,everyone can get it for study,the level of the software is going to change

  2. UG Avatar

    Really shocking… Its very difficult nowadays to trust even your own employees, nobody knows when someone will do such craps… Playing with security of such a large number of users… :-(

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