Today is second anniversary of Windows 7. History always repeats itself and Microsoft did it two years ago, when Windows 7 was debut on October 22, 2009. (It was released to manufacturing on July 22, 2009)

Windows 7

Windows 7 is the world’s best operating system to date and Microsoft has sold 450 Million copies of Windows 7. As per StatCounter web site Windows 7 is now being used by more people than Windows XP. According to stats 40.26% PCs are running Windows 7 worldwide, compared to 38.74% PCs running Windows XP.

We, are also celebrating this victory and giving away a genuine copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. To enroll in this giveaway, you just need to walk through these steps:

  1. Share your experience with Windows 7 as comment down to the post.
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  3. Share this giveaway on your social networks like facebook, twitter and so forth.

Cheers! Be the part of this giveaway and say bye bye to Windows XP.

Note: The Winner will be announced on October 28, 2011.

Updated: 10/29/2011
We have chosen the lucky reader who has to obtain license key. The winner is milxxon. We apologize to rest of all and want to thank for their participation. Stay connected, a lot more about to come…

103 responses to “Let’s celebrate Windows 7 birthday [giveaway winner announced]”

  1. Angel Velichkov Avatar
    Angel Velichkov

    What a giveaway! Although I’m very used to Windows XP, Windows 7 is much better. Happy birthday, Windows 7!!/fingerspoil/status/127807831025000448

  2. Richard Avatar

    I’ve been using windows 7 since its inception and I have to agree that it’s been my best Microsoft experience to date.

    They got it right this time.

    Before Windows 7, I was saying the same thing about XP- I thought, at the time, they got that one right, too.

    I’m a big Windows 7 fan,

  3. Rusira Dulanga Avatar
    Rusira Dulanga

    Firstly Happy B’day Windows 7,and great Giveaway to.

    Windows 7 is pretty much the same as Vista.But better than Vista. It adds a few nice features like desktop/window peek and grouped task bar thumbnails. It’s probable best new features are improved speed, resource management, and better management of UAC. So that’s why i say bye bye to Windows XP.
    twitter link!/rusirucreat/status/127802963187081216

  4. Puneet Soni Avatar
    Puneet Soni

    Windows 7 is really awesome. “Experiencing Windows 7 is like Experiencing Life.”

    I wish Windows 7, “A Very Happy B’Day”.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

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    Twitter Share:!/_PuneetSoni

  5. Dacko Avatar

    Really a wonderfull giveaway. And what to say. Win XP was good but the time he was to retire. Win 7 is much better, more modern and stable operating system. Thanks for this giveaway!!/Dacko3/status/127797588278784002

  6. bala Avatar

    Pls include me too. There is no wrds to describe win 7 as there are two reasons. 1. Its anawesome improvement over win vista and xp.

    2.We are stcuk with ms.

    Pls include me too thnx.

  7. Pankaj Avatar

    Nice Giveaway..And Happy B’day Windows 7…

    Working on Windows 7 feels great..It is full of features like pinning, jump list, Action center, Aero etc etc etc makes computing easier and faster…

    Finger Crossed.. :)

  8. Rob.C Avatar

    WOW! What a great giveaway! this would make for a great birthday present for my son who’s birthday is Oct 28th. He has been asking for Windows 7 for his computer so this would make the perfect birthday gift. All I hear is “dad, XP sucks. its old & slow like you” So help me out
    Subscribed by email and shared at
    Thanks, I hope I win and good luck to everyone!

  9. Arvind Kumar Avatar
    Arvind Kumar

    Wow its an awesome giveaway. And will help out People to realize that its time to say goodbye to Windows XP. Happy birthday Windows 7.