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Microsoft teamed up with Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) for a noble cause and has released a customized version of Internet Explorer 9 today as a part of Safer Internet Day 2012.

Basically the customized Internet Explorer 9 offers and as home pages. Microsoft put some serious efforts with CEOP to build bookmarks and jump list including Windows 7 Taskbar notification. The search bar includes an internet safety search site which provides easy access for children and appropriate information.

Child-friendly Internet Explorer 9
Child-friendly Internet Explorer 9

Earlier Microsoft had the similar initiative to bring online safety awareness for kinds with COEP and launched a Child-friendly version of Internet Explorer 8 earlier.

Child-friendly Internet Explorer 9 and COEP Brower Safety Tools for Chrome and Firefox can be downloaded from links given below:


Child-friendly Internet Explorer 9

COEP Brower Safety Tools for Chrome and Firefox


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