Winrumors, via reported that Microsoft is planning to implement a new overhauling UI codenamed Wind in Windows 8. According to sources, Microsoft’s next-generation Windows operating system will be fully 3D and dynamic both in 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

The new UI will leverage power of dedicates GPUs and will be supported by high-end notebook and desktop PCs. Wind will require to have 170MB of video memory to run it, and will only in 64bit editions.

Wind will be able to adapt to user habits. Icons and shortcuts will adapt to different usage scenarios to speed up daily tasks. Windows 8 is also rumored to include a new fast hibernation system. The system will hibernate in around three to six seconds and save all open documents and running tasks.

Besides, lets take pinch of salt. The recent release of NVIDIA’s Quadro 265 driver references a new kernel with the number 6.2 (Windows 7 is 6.1) that clearly states Windows 8 or Windows vNext may get increment of minor versioning instead of Major version to preserve compatibility of older applications. Microsoft did similar with Windows XP (5.1) and Windows 7 (6.1) and both OSs became the most popular operating systems to date.

Windows 8 will be major release as Steve Ballmer already described next release of Windows operating system as “riskiest product bet”. It clues Microsoft is ready to gamble with major enhancement in Windows 8. As the result of Wind, Windows NT UI may end up for good.

Its just rumors in wild because Microsoft didn’t confirm so far. And question is still unanswered. What is Next?

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