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Microsoft is withdrawing the Windows Marketplace for Mobile service for Windows Mobile 6.x. The Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.x will no longer be available from May 9, 2011. Starting on this date, Mobile 6.x consumers will no longer be able to browse, buy or download applications directly on Windows Mobile 6.x phone using the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace application and service.

RIP Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x
RIP Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x

After that point, consumers can continue to use games and applications acquired from the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace. However, additional downloads of these games and applications from the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace service will no longer be available.

In prior notice, Microsoft has started sending emails to Windows Mobile 6.x consumers and urging to install games and applications in advance before May 9, 2012. Because as soon as the service will be abandoned all phone data and user specific data from Marketplace will be deleted. However Mobile 6.x compatible games and applications may still be available from third party marketplaces.

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