Microsoft has introduced Community Contributor Award program to say thanks to individuals who freely volunteer their time and energy to powering up and improve Microsoft online technical community experience for others. Microsoft Community Contributor Award Program is designed to recognize exceptional contributions to Microsoft online community forums such as TechNet, MSDN, and Answers.
MCC Award
Recipients of the Microsoft Community Contributor Award receive a small benefit which can serve as a resource for their participation in technical forums based on past year contributions and last for a year from the date of the award.

How does Microsoft select recipients of the Microsoft Community Contributor Award?
More and more technology users are seeking ideas and solutions for enhancing their technology experience through online resources. Microsoft reviews the contributions of participants who offer their time and energy to online technical communities such as Answers, MSDN and TechNet to identify those who make notable contributions for possible recognition as a Microsoft Community Contributor. In addition, Microsoft Community Contributors can be recommended by Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, who serve as deep technical experts and thought leaders in the community.

There is no special requirement for the award program except you must be 18 years or older. For additional information about the Microsoft Community Contributor Award Program can be found at

5 responses to “Microsoft Community Contributor Award Program – Get recognize your exceptional contribution to Microsoft online community forums”

  1. eralper Avatar

    I’m also awarded with MCC and I wrote on my developing website

    But this award is giving due to contributions on mainly Microsoft community sites like MSDN, TechNet, ASP.NET, etc.

    I guess somehow they filter a group of forum members who are active and answering other’s questions.

  2. Kundan Avatar

    does they include our work (contribution) on the other websites like etc?
    and is 18 years is hard and fast rule?

  3. artfudd Avatar

    So now both Google and MS have MCC accounts and use MCC IDs… that won’t cause any confusion at all will it… duh!

  4. Sid Avatar

    Nice i help in most of the tech forums including the technet ones…

    1. Paul Avatar

      Where can I find a listing of Microsoft Community Contributor?

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