At MIX11, Microsoft demoed the next major update for Windows Phone 7 codenamed Mango that will bring a number of bug fixes, features, stability improvements and overall a better user-friendly experience.

The news comes courtesy of Rafael Rivera that Microsoft may drop 7 version reference in the product’s title with Mango release. The platform will be referred to as Windows Phone or ‘OS’ suffix onto the end (E.g. Windows Phone OS 7.0, Windows Phone OS 7.1).

Something similar was done a year ago, when Microsoft dropped Series from product’s title and Windows Phone 7 Series became Windows Phone 7. However Microsoft didn’t confirm the change yet.

In addition, Microsoft is preparing the next update for Windows Phone Developer Tools (WPDT) that may be released in next month. The update includes ‘Mango’ updates for Visual Studio, Expression Blend, and XNA Game Studio.

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