Microsoft Office 2010 team has done fantastic job and introduced Office Web Apps to Windows Live, which includes Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

The preview has been made available for a selected group of Windows Live users as part of Office Web Apps Technical Preview.

Office Web Apps

The official blog of the Microsoft Office Web Apps says:

We are making available Excel, Word and PowerPoint Web Apps for a select group of Windows Live users as part of the Office Web Apps Technical Preview. While the initial functionality is modest it will expand over time. As we get closer to the release of Office 2010 we will make the Office Web Apps available to more Windows Live users.

This early peek at the Office Web Apps will include high-fidelity viewing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in the browser. Invitees will also be able to edit Excel and PowerPoint files. Over time we’ll add OneNote Web App and the ability to edit Word files as well. Stay tuned to this blog to hear more about the upcoming features.

If you weren’t one of the folks that received an invitation today, sign up for early notification about Office 2010 Beta and we will let you know when you can try it out too.

If you have registered earlier for Office 2010TP then you don’t need to wait for invitation. You can access it. How to access and try Microsoft Office Web Apps Tech Preview

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