As the part of Reimagined reigns of Microsoft products, the company has reinvented its popular webmail service Hotmail as

Microsoft shared the news in a recent status on Facebook page and it reads:
Today we introduced, a new personal email service that reimagines the way that people use email – from a cleaner look, to fewer and less obtrusive ads, to new connections to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. is the next generation of Email service with no compromise by Microsoft. It connects your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn at place.’s modern interface is much faster and cleaner than its predecessor and lets you access to your inbox and tools that can automatically categorize, move, or delete messages you don’t want and you’ll also find that Office Web Apps, SkyDrive, and, soon, Skype come built right in. Inbox Inbox

The new codenamed “NewMail” is now available for everyone (You may have heard about NewMail or seen some leaked screenshots a while back) and you can sign up for new account or upgrade your existing Hotmail account by simply singing in

Additionally visit to rename your old Hotmail account and get new Id.

NOTE: After renaming your account, you won’t be able to sign in with your old one and all email sent to your old address will still go to your account. Though you can stop receiving mail sent to your old address, by just deleting that address in account services.

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